About me

I have a PhD in Industrial Economics from the University of Valencia since December 2011. With Prof. Enrique Fatas, I worked at LINEEX (University of Valencia) as a lab manager for 3 years while I wrote my dissertation. After that, I had  a position as Post-Doc Research Fellow at LESSAC (ESC-Dijon) during one year. Since June 2013 I become Associate Professor at the Department of Finance, Law and Control from ESC-Dijon where I was coordinating a MSc in Finance (Advanced Corporate Finance) until 2016. I currently working from Barcelona attending research and consultancy projects.

I’m developing some research projects related with Experimental and Behavioural economics with LESSAC team members, basically formed by psycologists and economists. Additionaly, I have the great chance to work with other co-authors around the world.

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